These two countries, well known for their many beauties, have continuously been our producers for many years. Except for flowers in general, Ecuador is renowned as the best place in the world for growing roses. Thanks to its geographical location and tropical climate, it is surprisingly rich in plant and animal species. The uniqueness of the country’s location, combined with the altitude and favourable weather conditions all year round, makes it the best country for horticulture in the world.

That is why Ecuadorian roses are placed at the very top when it comes to quality and beauty. They are graced with beautiful colours, length and bud sizes. Other than roses, Ecuador can boast hundreds of unique varieties of flowers with excellent characteristics. The roses which we import come straight from Ecuadorian farms, which means that they reach our customers fresh and gorgeous as if they have been freshly cut/picked.

The neighbouring country Colombia is situated in the north-western part of South America. It is divided into three natural regions: the Andes in the West, lowlands in the East, the Caribbean plateau with its swampy coastal plain in the North. Just like in Ecuador, the climate is tropical and equatorial which makes Colombian soil suitable for different varieties of plants. Although illegal narcotrafficking is still “blooming” in Colombia, it hasn’t stopped other agricultural riches in their development and export. Besides coffee and grains, the export of flowers is at a very high level. Therefore, Colombia is also one of the largest exporters of flowers in the world. 

One of the best-known regions for growing flowers is Sabana de Bogota. It is the place where most Colombian flowers are grown. Boasting stable temperature all-year-round and plenty of sunshine, this region is known as one of the most attractive areas in the world.

Alongside a favourable climate, there is the use of the latest technology; and a constant monitoring and assessment of flower varieties. All this enables Colombian flowers and plants to be acknowledged and known all over the world. The uniqueness of these flowers, roses to be exact, is that they are everything but average. The range of colours and sizes to which they can grow to and open up is really impressive.

Besides roses, the countries are well-known for their carnations, lilies and mini carnations.

These two countries can boast stunning natural riches and beauty, lush flora and diverse fauna, which makes us very happy and grateful because we know that by importing flowers from these two countries, we guarantee undeniable quality to our clients.