We are grateful that our business has been at an enviable level and that we have the need to continuously expand it.

For a while now, we have been looking for new partners and associates for import. We are one of the leading horticultural companies in the world, we have our branches on almost every continent, therefore it is hardly surprising that we need new production partners. We own dozens of wholesale shops and we export to eastern Europe, Asia and North America. We can boast doing business at an international level, which motivates us greatly to continue „conquering“ the market successfully.

Van VLIET Flower Group is a dynamic and energetic group, whose employees possess substantial expertise in all areas of production and distribution. The development of an excellent network of business partners over the past 25 years and the maintenance of strong and profitable relationships has allowed the Van VLIET Flower Group to continue to grow by satisfying the needs of a varied customer base. We cannot repeat enough that customer satisfaction comes first so we do our best to make it so. When it comes to imports, for now, we have business partners in Kenya, Colombia, Australia and Ecuador. Sunny climate, fertile soil and excellent transport connections with Europe, make Kenya the third largest exporter of flowers in the world. Colombia, Australia and Ecuador follow closely behind.

The flowers we import are grown in strictly supervised conditions and because of that we can guarantee the quality of our products.  We have been building successful business relationships based on mutual trust, therefore we are certain that even the most demanding customers will be satisfied with our products.

Our producer partners invest greatly in the development of the latest technology; and keep up with current trends which is a great advantage and a sign of quality to our clients.

Thanks to our longstanding cooperation with our growers, we have perfected the process of transporting plants and flowers as quickly as possible and securing optimal storage conditions to ensure they are delivered to you as fresh and beautiful as possible. As previously mentioned, we are still looking for new producers. What we are offering them is current and future investments in the production process as well as, guaranteed purchases at competitive prices all year round.