We are pleased to announce that our company has expanded its business to many countries in the world, and one of them is now Croatia, more precisely the capital city Zagreb.

We would like our products to be available to everyone, so we established the Zagreb branch office as a regional centre. That means that our customers from the entire region can reach the desired products as quickly as possible.

Distribution of flowers, sundries, pot plants and outside plants are still our principal business activity and our producers come from all over the world.

Our wholesale shop is situated at Žitnjak wholesale market, and it consists of the sales department, a cold storage covering a surface of 900m2, a webshop corner and a large warehouse used for further distribution.

Our employees’ longstanding experience and expertise will enable all clients to pick what is best for them according to their wishes and needs. Our company values its customers and we are making an effort to offer the best quality to price ratio.

Our expert staff underwent training in Van Vliet Group’s largest European branches, which we take great pride in.

As market legislation changes we continue to improve our business and follow trends. The dedication of our employees enables us to give our best to each customer, to everyone’s satisfaction and that is the goal of every serious and profitable company.

As previously stated, it is of utmost importance to be available to our clients, so we have expanded our business by taking another small, yet important, step: a web shop.

It goes without saying how powerful the Internet is nowadays, which is a very good thing for us salespeople. Especially because in the last few years the option of web shop trade has become indispensable in every higher-quality shop.

Our user-friendly web shop is available to everyone, and it encompasses all aspects of Van Vliet Flower Group catalogue.

The options of buying in our Web shop are numerous, but most importantly, it saves you precious time. You are just a few clicks away from buying what you need. All our products are available to you in our Web shop (flowers sundries, plants, etc.).

Our shop is called Direct from Grower which means that the client orders their products directly from the grower, as one can conclude from the name itself, through our fully integrated Webshop. The Direct from Grower option is available daily in the Webshop, from 10.00 am. to 5.00 am (Dutch time) next morning. 

We work closely with our growers and through this have drawn an agreement to ensure that the flowers/plants ordered are "cut" on the same day. In other words, they do not get fresher than this! That means that freshly cut flowers and other plants are delivered safely and quickly to your address.

This way, our customers strengthen their business relationship with the growers which leads to conducting business in a completely trustworthy and reliable way. This Service connects our customers with 50+ growers worldwide.

If you require a webshop login or password, please don't hesitate to contact us! We are here at your disposal.