Ulica Tadije Smičiklasa 7, 10360 Popovec-Sesvete

OIB: 07651888027, PDV ID: HR07651888027

The company is signed into a court registrar at Commercial court in Zagreb under the number 081086135

IBAN: HR4323400091110854901 Privredna banka Zagreb d.d.

Founding capital of the company 1.520.000,00 kn paid in full

Board member: Jacobus Van Vliet


We are pleased to introduce ourselves as one of the world’s leading horticultural companies, both regionally and worldwide. Our primary scope of business is based on procuring the freshest cut flowers, foliage, sundries and pot plants.

Our company was established in the Netherlands in 1989. Up to now, it has been successfully divided into two major groups: the Van VLIET Flower Group and the J. van VLIET Cash & Carry Group.

The Van VLIET Flower Group consists of eight establishments in total, whereas The Van VLIET Cash & Carry Group has expanded its scope of business to a total of 22 wholesale locations, 11 Cash & Carries in England, 5 Cash & Carries in Scotland, 3 in Lithuania and 1 Cash & Carry in Istanbul (Turkey), Athens (Greece) and New York (USA).

The Van VLIET Flower Group has a turnover of 90 million euros and over 250 employees which speaks for itself that we are running a successful business and enjoy a longstanding trust from our customers. Our workers have a strong expertise in all areas of production and distribution and work their hardest to ensure our company maintains the reputation of a successful and profitable corporation.


Besides the aforementioned wholesale locations, we have expanded our operation by means of export to eastern Europe, Asia and North America.

Providing services in line with diverse customer needs is at the core of our business. What we are proud of most is our excellent customer communication, best price-quality ratio, expertise as well as the adaptability to meet our customers’ needs.

We are on a mission to achieve two basic goals: to continue to offer the best price-quality ratio and to expand our online content, enabling customers to access our products when and where they want.

Our user-friendly Webshop is available to everyone. It encompasses all products listed in our catalogues. That way you are only a few clicks away from making a purchase, and our quick and efficient delivery service makes sure we have thousands of satisfied customers every day.

If you require a webshop login or password, feel free to contact us. We greatly value your opinion, so we would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions.

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